ENCHANTED: Fairy Tales, Folktales, and Fables Artistically Explored

take the time to read the "Letter from the Editors" below. We would be so grateful if you did!
There is such a rich and beautiful history tied to fairy tales and if you take a few extra minutes to delve into it, we truly believe that you will BE INSPIRED!

ENCHANTED: Fairy Tales, Folktales, and Fables Artistically Explored

For this book, we want to include your creative interpretations of fairy tales, folklore, and fables. We are looking for artwork of all mediums (paintings, drawings, tattoos, sculptures, graffiti art, photography, digital art, mixed media, etc.).

PLEASE create your own versions of characters and stories - NOT copyrighted characters or images (ie: Disney, Warner Bros, DreamWorks, etc.). While we love these versions ourselves, we invite you to use your OWN CREATIVITY when bringing them to life.


  • Submit your work HERE on the "Call for Art" page.
**Please send 300 dpi high-resolution images. Images generated at low-resolution for display purposes are not acceptable. The image specifications are really important! The better your image, the more likely it will be used in the book (and be large enough to be seen well if chosen for the book). So PLEASE take these guidelines seriously.


Dear Artists,

At Out of Step Books we are HUGE fans of books! The enchanting places that the written word can take you are endless and splendid. When you pair prose with captivating and creative artwork, the imaginative journey explodes with excitement!

For most of us, our earliest introductions to both narratives and art come from bedtime stories. While modern-day tales are essential in the always-expanding history of narrative, each new book created is somehow, and in some way, rooted in the fairy tales and folklore from generations past. And while many may have been introduced to fiction through the wonderful world of Disney, the history of these stories stretches SO FAR beyond the mouse ears.

Fairy tales have such a rich and incredibly vast history. The marvelous collections compiled by the Brothers Grimm are a treasure trove of classics. While authors like Hans Christian Andersen, Charles Perrault, Aesop, Lewis Carroll, Alexander Afanasyev, and many others, wrote scores of stories as well. If you delve into the history of fairy tales, folktales, and folklore, you will find an OVERWHELMING ARRAY of amazing work, many of which you might never have known existed!

While we love the acclaimed classics that are seen time and time again, we REALLY HOPE that you might take the time to investigate the rich history of fairy tales when you set out to create your interpretations of these chapters, characters, and stories. There are SO MANY versions and ideas to behold.

We URGE you to check out the links below that feature lists of fairy tales...if for no other reason than to just become inspired by the immense body of work that is out there and ready to be read:

Have FUN with this project and make these stories COME ALIVE with your artistic interpretations. We want to bring together the grandeur of fairy tales and folklore with the power of paintbrushes, pencils, tattoo machines, and an array of artistic tools!

Viva la Creativity!!

Love & Gratitude,

Jinxi and Steve Caddel